About Me

My name is Cindie and I am a 32-year-old stay-at-home mom. I am married to the man who introduced me to Boston Terriers and he happens to also be my high school sweetheart. I have one child, a daughter, but I am working on number two. (She’s hoping that she’ll get a sister soon!)

I am owned by one Boston Terrier named Gabby, but she is only a co-owner. There are two other owners by the names of Raven and Buck. Raven is Gabby’s younger sister and is a lab mix and Buck is their older brother and just happens to be the most attention loving cat I’ve ever come into contact with.

Other than spending my time loving these crazy animals and people, I love to write. I have two other blogs (one about my daughter (Ramblings of a Little Girl) and one about crazy stories about growing up (Angel Face)) and they’re both on Tumblr (which is why you see two Tumblr links at the bottom of my page in the right hand corner). I am also in the very long process of writing a novel. If I can just get it out on paper where I don’t go crazy all of a sudden and just delete what I write, I can work to actually get it published one day.

I’m all about sharing the love of this great breed and hope that others like me can join in sharing it!